Delmore Consulting believes that when given the proper tools, our customers can become effective managers of their road systems. Our mission is to provide our customers with long lasting road maintenance planning, to achieve short and long term goals at a minimal cost.

About Us

Jeff Delmore, owner and operator of Delmore Consulting has over twenty years of asphalt road construction and sales experience. As a child, Jeff developed an interest in asphalt road construction while riding along with his father, who has been worked on rural roads for forty-six years. After going into the field, himself, Jeff started in construction and later became a regional manager.

As a regional manager, he frequently worked with Town board members who inherited road-related problems and had a limited insight of the nature of roads. Consequently, he found that by imparting pieces of knowledge, he was able to provide better understanding to his customers. This led to the idea that if he could share his expertise in more depth, his customers would be equipped to make a positive, informed impact on their budget while still maintaining and improving asphalt conditions. He, along with his wife Lisa started Delmore Consulting as an opportunity to help town boards establish a comprehensive inventory of the entire road system.

In 2016 Magdalena Jaworska joined Jeff as a partner. She brought almost twenty years of experience in management and accounting as well as an expertise in mapping using Google maps. They both truly enjoy all aspects of what it takes to improve the quality of Town roads, and look forward to working with you.

Improve and maintain your road systems with accurate analysis