Delmore Consulting believes that when given the proper tools, our customers can become effective managers of their road systems. Our mission is to provide our customers with long lasting road maintenance planning, to achieve short and long term goals at a minimal cost.

Road Management Services


Road Surface Condition

Evaluate current asphalt surface conditions and provide a cost-effective maintenance plan that will improve the longevity of your town roads.


PASER Rating

Provide and submit PASER ratings to Wisconsin Department of Transportation to provide a credible analysis of road conditions, as required by the WisDOT every two years. These ratings are important in extending the life of roads, by impacting road maintenance methods.


Roadwork Bid Letting

Provide guidance throughout the bid letting process; from development of documents to comparison of bids received. Ensure that all specifications are met and that each contractor is submitting uniform information, making cost comparison effortless.


Inventory and Mapping

Inventory, mapping and condition report of roads, culverts and signage. Having an accurate record of current conditions lets you plan for the future by prioritizing your needs.


Road Maintenance Plan

Develop scheduled asphalt maintenance plans to address immediate concerns and long range plans. Planning allows for increased longevity and cost management.


Comprehensive Portfolio

This includes an easy-to-use and updatable management system records past, current and future projects, inventory and condition report of all surfaces, culverts and signage, as well as mapping of all assets. This allows for informed and fiscally sound decisions, with easy transfer of information and knowledge for years to come.

Improve and maintain your road systems with accurate analysis