Wisconsin Towns Association

The Wisconsin Towns Association (WTA) recently announced Delmore Consulting as a Recommended Service Provider (RSP).  The RSP Program identifies businesses that deliver high quality, high value services to town governments and its citizens.

Delmore Consulting provides: 1) road condition review and PASER rating and mapping; 2) WISLR inventory; 3) culvert mapping; 4) traffic and road sign inventory; 5) road core sampling; and, 6) annual road planning.  Delmore Consulting is owned and operated by Jeff Delmore, a longtime advocate for town infrastructure, and Magdalena Jaworksa, who holds a Masters Degree in Management and Marketing specializing in Human Resource Management.

“We are very excited to partner with Delmore Consulting and recommend that towns utilize their many services,” said Mike Koles, WTA Executive Director.  “Jeff mixes elbow grease, experience, and technology to produce a premier analysis of infrastructure that will assist any town in making the best decisions it can to provide for the safest and most efficient road travel with the limited money towns have.”

Jeff added, “We are honored to be recognized by the Wisconsin Towns Association as a business that provides services of such great impact that they are recommending towns purchase our services.  We feel our staff provides a variety of products that will aid town officials in effectively managing their signs, culverts, and roads in a way that helps stretch limited resources.”

Koles remarked that he would like to see more towns develop and utilize a capital improvement plan for their infrastructure.  “Delmore Consulting can help towns address the road infrastructure component of a capital improvement plan.”

You can learn more about the services Delmore Consulting provides at or by emailing or calling 608-253-4644.

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